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Organic granules (black / chocolate color)

BAHUBALI FERTILIZERS > Organic granules (black / chocolate color)


Quantity : 25-50 Kg


Price  : N/A



    Benefits :

  • We are pleased to introduce a highly concentrated granular organic fertilizer. In this the granules made from the mix of Bentonite / Dolomite are charged by liquid made from mixing of Humus, Cow urine, Vermiwash, Sea weed Extract, Seaweed, and amino acid based trace elements in protein form.
  • The product has been developed after a lot of R&D. It provides all the major nutrients i.e. N P K in ample quantity and in organic form, which when comes in contact with air, water and soil, becomes highly active and gives very speedy results unlike any other organic fertilizer. This is a pure blend of all organic substances and it neither contains any inorganic or chemical fertilizer, nor any micronutrients or fertilizer in chemical form.




Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Packaging Size 25-50 Kg
Usage/Application Agriculture
Moisture 15.0-25.0%
Total Organic Carbon 18.0%
Bulk Density 0.7-0.9 g/cm3
Total Nitrogen 2.0 (as N)
Total Phosphates 1.0 (as P2O5)
Total Potassium 1.0 (as K2O)

Dosage :

  • The recommended dosage for this fertilizer is 100kg per acre, at the time of sowing. Second dose of 70-80 kg is to be repeated after 45 days(for agriculture crops). In case of vegetables normally only one dose of 100kg per acre at the time of sowing is sufficient. However, sometimes to attain better yield the farmers apply a second dose of 50-60 kg approximately after 40 days of sowing. In case of horticulture i.e. fruit trees above the age of 5-6 years, require 8-10 kg at least twice in a year.
  • In an era of organic farming we wish to provide the farmers a better quality of product at a reasonable price, and also with a view to draw the farmers to use the organic fertilizer and obtain equal amount of produce as compared to the usage of chemical fertilizer. This will enhance the organic produce in a highly effective and Economic way, by supplying high quality Organic fertilizer.
  • This material is in granulated form, packed in 50 kg HDPE bags. For any further querry, please contact us.