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Potassium Humate Flakes/Powder/Liquid

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     Benefits :

  • Can be diluted to get desired formulation of different Humic acid Concentration.  Can be used as base material with products like seaweed, Amino Acids, Chelated Micronutrients, Biofertilizer etc.
  • As it is highly soluble and in the form of Shiny Flakes it can be repacked as such for drip & foliar application.
  • Liquid concentrate can be coated on other granular products for soil application

Specification :


Parameters Super Pottasium Humate Shiny Flakes

“Grade – A “

Pottasium Humate Shiny Flakes

“Grade – B “

Pottasium Humate Flakes

“Grade – C “

Humic 70-65 % 60-50 % 55-50 %
K2O 10 % 10 % 8 %
Fulvic 3-5 % 2-3 % 2-3 %
Solubility 98 % 95 % 90 %


Highlights :


  • Increases the organic matter of soil and improve soil structure.
  •  It is a natural Chelate, hence chelates the nutrients in the soil and converts them into plant absorbable form.
  •  Enhances the root and shoot development/elongation.
  • Balances the pH of soil, thus makes the soil suitable for plant growth
  • Improve soil structure by improving the count of Micro flora.
  • Help to create crumble form in soil to increase water holding capacity and its aeration.
  • Promote the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis.
  • Promote seed germination in short time, greatly increase harvest and fruits quality.